Majestic Pillow Top Mattress

The Majestic Pillow Top Mattress is a Great Value!

*10″ Pillow Top Mattress with a nice Pillow Top

*Luxurious Quilt with Gorgeous Fabric * Comfy Pillow Top

*Made in USA *Lowest Price in Southern California

 Always In Stock For Same Day Delivery!

Pillow Top Mattress

My best prices on the Majestic Pillow Top Mattress…

Queen Mattress $209.00

Queen Set $299.00

Full Mattress $199.00

Full Set $269.00

Twin Mattress $149.00

Twin Set $199.00

We are here to help make the mattress buying process easy….

1. Pick out the bed you like and that fits your price range, could be the Majestic pillow top mattress!

2. Use the contact form above or Text, email or call to tell us where you live: 619-210-3714

3. We will arrange to deliver the bed right to you, for free in a lot of cases if your in our local area. If you want to come see us, we would love to show you the beds first.  

Our location is inside the L St. Storage:  ** Call or text Before Coming Over to make sure I’m there!!

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