Queen Z-Gel Chamomile Pillow

The Benefits of Chamomile
Derived from the Chameamelum nobile plant, chamomile oil has an uplifting, sweet, fruity scent. Roman Chamomile essential oil is frequently used in aromatherapy, as it is known for soothing and uplifting the body and mind. It is thought to promote relaxation and invite sleep.

Roman Chamomile Aromatherapy Spray Included
Accompanying this chamomile scented pillow is a mini spritzer bottle of all-natural Roman Chamomile aromatherapy spray. The included 3 mL spray bottle is made with real chamomile essential oil. Use it to refresh the scent of your pillow or add relaxing aroma to bedding or mattresses.

Plush memory foam creates a comfortable pillow with excellent support. This mid-loft pillow is made of DOUGH memory foam that molds to the curves of the head, neck and shoulders for personalized comfort without pressure. ZONED TECHNOLOGY design features larger holes in the center and smaller holes around the perimeter to cradle the head while supporting the neck. This unique design also improves airflow for a more breathable memory foam.

TENCEL Mesh Cover
Eco-friendly TENCEL botanical fibers create a fabric that is incredibly silky, soft and light. It also has inherent moisture management and temperature control properties that bring cool, dry comfort to the pillow’s surface. Gusseted cover can be removed and washed for a constantly clean sleep environment. To preserve the cover, remove and machine wash in cold to hot water with bedding. Tumble dry on low heat. Cover: 63 percent TENCEL lyocell, 37 percent polyester, Cover sidewall: 100 percent TENCEL lyocell, Fill: 100 percent polyurethane foam


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Chamomile Natural Oil Spray


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