Return Policy

Return Policy

Although we find most of our customers are completely happy with their purchase at Mattress Store San Diego occasionally situations arise that require special attention.  Please note, there are no returns on special order furniture from the website as these items are not offered in our store and can't be returned.

Returns Mattresses information

There is no sleep trial period for your new mattress. We encourage you to spend some quality time at our showroom and SLEEP Test all the mattresses available.

Companies that offer a sleep trial build that cost into their prices and sell for much more than the price of our mattresses.


•  Select a mattress
•  Lie down in your typical sleep posture
•  Evaluate the comfort level and support
•  Educate yourself about each choice your like
•  Partners should test the mattress together


All of our mattresses come with a manufacturers warranty ranging from 3-20 years. Your warranty is between you and the factory but we are here to support you 100% of the way.

•  Keep the white law label attached
•  Spills / stains will VOID the warranty
•  Buy a Mattress protector!!
•  Defects are remedied with either a repair or exchange depending on the issue and is at factories discretion
•  Comfort or feel is not part of the warranty
•  Box Springs are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase and above guidelines apply

Returns on Special orders information

We offer furniture in several categories on our website as special orders only.  These items are not on dispaly in our store and not able to return once the order has been placed.

We require pre-payment on all special orders which allows us to arrange receiving your items for delivery to your home.

Returns vs Warranty

All of our items come with a manufacturers warranty.  Mattresses are 3-10 years and furniture is 30 days to 1 year depending on the factory.  Warranties from the factory are for manufacturer defects and do not cover customer breaking the item.  The manufacturers warranty is between yourself and the factory for your protection but we are here to assist.  We ask you go through us for all warranty claims so we can be informed of the sitiuation and facilitate a good outcome.  Warranty related items can't be returned to Mattress Store San Diego.


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